overfill prevention sensor


Thermistor for overfill prevention or high/low-level alarm. The sensor is sliding for the ability to accurately adjust the alarm level. 83-UV is approved for placement in explosive environments.

Thermistors can be ordered in special lengths if desired.

ATEX-approval: TUV 03 ATEX 2033

Material: Acid-resistant steeel/brass but is also available entirely in stainless

Art. nbr

  • FAF 1002 83-UV/150 ½” thermistor
  • FAF 1002 83-UVC/200 thermistor (high-level alarm)
  • FAF 1006 83-UV/200 ½” thermistor
  • FAF 1005 83-UV/400 ½” thermistor
  • FAF 1004 83-UV/600 ½” thermistor