tank level sensor


Level sensor VISY-Stick has high-precision and millimetre accuracy up to 9,000 mm. VISY-Stick measures fuel level, temperature and presence of water if water is found in the bottom of the cistern. The magnetostrictive method of level measurement is very reliable and precise.

Level sensor VISY-Stick is made of stainless steel and can handle all types of propellant.

VISY-Stick is usually mounted in a 1½” sleeve. The sensor has a M12 connector and can be installed in very harsh environments without being affected by the climate. Installed in cisterns above and below ground.

Art. nbr

  • FAF 4140 VISY-Stick level sensor 1 700 mm
  • FAF 4190 VISY-Stick level sensor 1 900 mm
  • FAF 4230 VISY-Stick level sensor 2 300 mm
  • FAF 4280 VISY-Stick level sensor 2 800 mm
  • FAF 9999 VISY-Stick level sensor custom length

Product sheet

VISY-Stick level sensor