LVS Byggvärme AB / Unirent

LVS Byggvärme AB / Unirent is one of the few companies in Sweden specializing in optimal solutions for temporary heating to construction and industrial customers. They have vast experience to dimension, establish and maintain the systems, obviously while providing best possible service.

“Already during the first contact with Linus, his solution orientation impressed, always focused on a trouble-free operation for the customer. Here our battery-powered concepts match perfectly, as the tanks are relocated depending on seasonality and needs.” Sture Berg, Sales Director, Measure Connect Display AB

”With SiteInfo we provide our customers guaranteed diesel availability through secured deliveries. We have 24-hours surveillance of our tanks and can judge exactly when to refuel to make sure dryers, heaters etc never run out of fuel. SiteInfo give us automated notifications telling us when to fill up. This helps us to provide the most dependable service on the market.” Linus von Tourchaninoff, CEO, LVS Byggvärme AB / Unirent

If you have any questions, please contact:

Measure Connect Display AB
Sture Berg
+46 (0)155 20 96 22

LVS Byggvärme AB / Unirent
Linus von Tourtchaninoff
+46 (0)20 39 49 59

SiteInfo is a cloud based level measurement service that makes your logistics easy and more effective. Regardless the time, by simply using a browser, tablet or smartphone you will be able to read a multitude of information regarding your tanks. Without the need for onsite personnel you will always know the current volume of the product present in the tank. You will no longer have to deal with empty tanks, unnecessary deliveries and costly return handling.”