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Cost efficient, less environmental impact and a well-run company. But we wont´t settle for that.

Meeting the demands of tomorrow

MCD is a service provider which offers its customers an in-house developed tank level measurement platform with smart level monitoring systems to companies in need of a remote monitoring solution of products in liquid and solid form.

Our level measurement service SiteInfo continuously developed with the goal of providing a user-friendly tool for an increased optimization of order management, bulk logistics and wet stock management. SiteInfo is a tool that makes day-to-day logistics easy.

MCD is without doubt Scandinavia's leading provider of remote tank monitoring solutions. This position has been reached by listening to and learning from our customers, by investing in Research & Development and by constantly challenging points of view. In a changing world, new demands are made as regards the environment, efficiency and development. We are driven by the necessity to meet these demands and additionally supplying our customers with an easier and more efficient day-to-day operation.

I hope that your interest has been aroused in the possibilities we can provide you with as a customer. Whether you are an old or new customer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sture Berg / Sales Director 

Our Vision

"Our customers will only settle for the simplest solution on the market"

The future SiteInfo

I am Robert and I work in product development at MCD. It is my duty to provide you with the most up-to-date SiteInfo tool. It is also my goal and ambition to challenge common precepts and to foster development.

My vision is that SiteInfo will be an automated tank level monitoring- and logistic platform, an event-based system that only requires action once an event has been triggered (such as anomalies or alarms). It is also my vision to optimize scheduling and route planning, and to reduce the carbon footprint by supplying automatically generated scheduling proposals according to pre-set parameters. Warnings and alarms are to be triggered in case of anything deviating from the plan.

SiteInfo will be the most intuitive and at the same time the most advanced level monitoring solution on the market. Everything to optimize and simplify every customer's day-to-day operations.

The MCD team

Christoffer Larsson

Technical Support

+46 155 - 20 96 26


Dag Hultgren

System Architecture

+46 155 - 20 96 24


Henrik Ankarhake

Business Development

+46 155 - 22 27 99


Johan Wendel

Technical Support

+46 155 - 20 96 27


Johanna Ludvigsson

Parental leave

+46 155 - 22 27 90


Lars Weinered


+46 155 - 20 96 23


Maria Aminoff Kristoffersson

Project Management

+46 155 - 22 27 95


Marie Nylander


+46 155 - 20 96 28


Pernilla Reuterhäll

Supply & Administration

+46 155 - 20 96 20


Rashad Rafa


+46 155 - 22 27 98


Sture Berg

Sales Director

+46 155 - 20 96 22


Tom Stålebrant

System Development

+46 155 - 40 96 30



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